What I'm Working On...

Be A Doll: Adult Contemporary Romance/Erotic Romance novel. Standalone. I'm currently writing the first draft and I already have the cover and a temporary blurb. I'd like to get the MS to my editor late November so I need to hurry! Tentative release February 2017 (because I heard nobody buys books in December and January).

Messy Love: New Adult Contemporary Romance standalone novel. I'm taking a break from this one as I can't seem to find the right pace right now. It's outlined and the word count is currently stuck at 30k. I will get back to it at a later date.

Two Of A Kind: New Adult Contemporary Romance novella. It's a standalone. It's going to be cute and sexy. It's a 'friends to lovers' story. It's currently only outlined. I will be writing the first draft in 2017.

Maxen: The second book in the Kinky Shine series, my rockstar romance series. It was finished and I even sent it to my editor before I asked her to wait for another version as I had a nagging feeling that the book didn't reflect what I had first envisioned for his story. I'm currently trying to salvage it, but I'm still unhappy with the book so I'm now considering re-writing it entirely and not just adding bits and pieces to give the story more strength. It takes a lot more time than I'd like.

Otis: Third book in the Kinky Shine series. I'll be writing it in December/January. It's outlined and I love everything that is bound to happen in this book. It's going to be different from Dex or Maxen.

Beckett: Fourth book in the Kinky Shine series. It's outlined and there's a good chance that it'll be my favorite of the four books if I do my job right. :D I'll be writing it after Otis, so probably in March.

2B Roomies (2B Or Not 2B? from Byron's POV with new material added): Started working on it.  Halfway done with the first draft.

Like Poison: New Adult Contemporary Romance standalone novel. The first time I got this story idea was two years ago. You can imagine how eager I am now. I haven't outlined it, but I have pages worth of notes and a gut-wrenching prologue. I hope to write this one in May (2017).