Get Ready For A New Book!

It was messy.
It was raw.
It was love.

Yes, you've guessed right. I'm getting ready to publish a new book. :D

As some of you know, 2017 is a tough year for me, so it's with even more excitement that I'm happy to announce that I have set a date for the cover reveal and the release, but also for a prologue reveal to wet your appetite.

Now, let me give you some dates to write on your calendar. ;)

  • Cover Reveal: August 18
  • Prologue Reveal: September 29
  • Release Date: October 10
  • Release Boost: October 14

Are you looking forward to the cover reveal or the release? Would you like to be a part of any of these promo events?
Then, you can sign up or share the form with your friends.


Thank you a lot for your help and if you'd like to add MESSY LOVE to your TBR on Goodreads, don't wait. ;)


Now, excuse me while I panic over here. I'll try not to refresh the google form too often. :P

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