2014: Personal Challenge - February


Bookish Treasures is hosting a challenge this year. I decided to participate when I realized that it was as much for readers, bloggers and writers. Perfect for me and needed even as it's always great to have people ready to cheer for you or kick you in the butt. :)
You can still sign up and find more info over at Bookish Treasures.

You can find my goals posted last month HERE

I had 4 goals and completed 3 of them. Not that bad considering the not so great month January was. 
I wrote that first scene from Duke's POV and posted it (you can find it in the Bonus/Extras on the blog), I wrote 5 more chapters to the New Adult Contemporary Romance 'secret project' and I completed the first draft of the fun NA Contemporary Romance novel I wrote. It's now ready to be beta read. I can't wait! 

All in all, it's not that bad. :)

Now, I have to focus on new goals for this month. I count on you to yell at me if I'm not serious about these. 

1) Write two more scenes from Duke's POV and post them in February. One is the monthly one I promised and the other will be a Valentine's gift for you all. 

2) Finish the first draft of the 'secret project' I'm working on. It's a New Adult Contemporary Romance more on the sweet side with some very h-o-t scenes. I blushed yesterday when I wrote a certain scene. I already wrote over 72k words. I still have 10k-15k words before I can yell on the rooftops that it's finished. 

3) Write the third chapter of Kate and Derek's story before the end of February. I already wrote two chapters and I'm quite eager to write more. I hope I'll be able to finish this first draft by May at the latest. This book is really going to be a love story. :)

4) Edit one more chapter on a Young-Adult Contemporary novel I am working on with a beta-reader. It's a side project, but I kind of love these characters too. Not sure what will happen with this story, but I can already tell you that it's an upper YA story with a lot of rock music references. 

5) Work some more on the fun NA Contemporary Romance story I have ready to be beta read. My beta readers are already so booked with my other stories that I can't ask them yet to work on this one with me. Poor them. :)

I also want to read and blog this month, but I'm not ready to put them as goals here. I'm not even sure if I'll have the time to write as much as I'd like so I prefer to not push myself too much. 

What are your goals this month? Anything book related? Let me know! (And check out Bookish Treasures.)

See you soon and cross your fingers for me! I need it. ;)