It's that time again when I'm seeking your help. I know, it looks like I'm always asking you for something. I hope you're not annoyed yet and that you're pretty excited to receive some news about the Patch Up series very soon. You have no idea how nervous that makes me. :)

I don't know if you saw the little announcement I made on Facebook or if you checked Goodreads, but the next two books in the series have a title!

Fix Up and Change Up!

Fix Up is the direct follow up to Patch Up with the conclusion to Duke and Skye's story. And you'll even have a glimpse of what is in Duke's head this time. ;)
Change Up is all about Kate and Derek. It starts just before she begins her second year in college. I swooned several times while writing this book so I hope you'll feel the same.

Both book will be published very close by. One in October and the other one in November. I truly hope you'll be many wanting to read them. Fingers crossed!

That's when I need you.

I have to start organizing the cover reveals (because we'll be revealing both covers at the same time). It's scheduled for late September. Are you interested? Would you like to help spread the word? I hope so!

Here is the link to the form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1jbU8VFHXptnXZlaRbPQqhiZfNLVosWjpll17drOhXFM/viewform

If you have a question you know where to find me! Thank you a lot for your help and support. xx

(Feel free to share with your friends).