Movie Adaptations... Yes or No?


I’d like to talk about something I’m always having mixed feelings about. 

Movie/TV series adaptations from books. 

What do you think? Are you delighted when you know your favorite books are going to be made into a movie or a TV series or are you more cautious and even a little bit afraid? 

Let me try and explain what I think. I hope you’ll do the same. ;)

I remember that when I was younger I used to be beyond delighted. Now, I’m a lot more cautious and sometimes even afraid of what will come out of it. 
If it’s a book I enjoyed reading, but I’ve never felt any kind of emotional attachment to it, then I don’t mind it at all and I usually even look forward to it because then maybe, just maybe, I’ll enjoy the story more, something I can’t always say about the book. In this case, it’s easier to detach myself from the source material. Then, when the director or the writers working on the script change something I don’t mind. 

But if it’s a book I truly love, then I’m wary. I’m glad for the author that such a deal is coming true, but I’m afraid of the disappointment. When I truly enjoy a book, or even love it, I picture things my way. I also adore all and every little details that make this book special to me. 

But let’s face it, making a movie is vastly different from making a book. They have to leave out some things, add others to have a movie that actually stands on its own, as much for the fans of the book from which it is adapted, but also to potential new fans who are not necessarily familiar with the source material. 

But then, in movies or TV series, the “come to life“ story depicted often clashes a little with what I pictured as I was reading. It’s normal, but it can be difficult at first glance to open up to the new movie or TV series. You have to “force“ yourself to somehow forget the source material. That’s tricky and unless there are a very good direction and charismatic acting it can become almost impossible. Sometimes I don’t dislike the adaptations, but I can’t say I love them either. I’m stuck in limbo, objectively offering a critic of a movie/TV series adaptation, but not fully delving into it. Even when it’s amazingly done. 

That being said, it also happened that I truly enjoyed a movie or TV series and not the books. It’s rare, but it happened a few times. 

One thing I don’t necessarily mind—and it’s funny because how I picture the characters is important—the casting.  I don’t immediately cringe when I see a cast for a movie or TV series adaptation. I know fans of books adapted are often mad or disappointed when the cast is announced, but I’m more reserved. I keep in mind that actors and actresses can do such an amazing job that they become the characters, even if, say, they have brown eyes and the character in the book has green eyes. You know what I mean? 

When I read books I feel something. I can laugh, I can be scared for the characters, heartbroken, sad and elated. I feel something and what I hope with adaptations is feeling the same things I’ve felt while reading. It’s difficult. After all, the point of view can’t be the same from the book to the movie adaptation, which means that the movie must convey the same things, but using other ways. It can be a hit or a miss, but we have to keep an open mind.

As you can see, I am always going in both directions when it comes to movie or TV series adaptations. I can think of a few I truly love and some that are complete miss for me. I’m sure you can too. 

Now, it’s your turn! Give me your thoughts on movie adaptations and give me a few examples if you want. :)