Six Years is doing so great! Thank you.

The release day is now over! What a crazy day. I went from scared to delighted in the span of a few minutes. Every time someone said they 1-clicked I wanted to both hug them and hide far away from any internet connection. ;)

But I didn't hide and I had a fabulous day.

I can't thank you enough for 1-clicking, for sharing, liking, blogging, reviewing. You are wonderful. (Now, picture me hugging the hell out of you).

Do you want to know where Six Years stands at right now on Amazon US? I still can't believe it myself to be honest.

Six Years is in the 500 top on Amazon US! Isn't it crazy?

Again, thank you a lot for your support. I hope you're having, about to have or had a good time with Nolan and Brooklyn. xx