We Shouldn't And Yet... is coming! Ready to 1-click?

I don't know if you're like me, but I can't wait for Tuesday at midnight. 
If you pre-order We Shouldn't And Yet it'll appear on your e-reader at midnight and only for $0.99! I don't know if you're in the mood for something steamy, something that will make you blush, something a bit emotional, but check out We Shouldn't And Yet and let your friends know! xx

What early readers are saying...

  • "A forbidden love that conquers all. I absolutely loved that this book contained ‘real life’ issues of love, loss and grief; that were undeniably relatable. Stephanie Witter has invoked such rich and raw emotion in this captivating piece. I was hooked from page one." - Jessica Ann

  • "Holy smoke, this book is HOT HOT HOT! The storyline is pretty insane and I'm glad of the ending, my emotions have been in turmoil through the whole darn thing. Absolutely fantastic." - Book-Lover Book Blog

  • "I simply loved this forbidden romance. It has everything I need in a book; good characters with flaws that make them human, sizzling passion and great twists and turns." - Lina's Review Book Blog

  • "We Shouldn’t and Yet… is a raw tale of mistakes, deceit and overcoming self-imposed obstacles to enjoying the love and passion of another. Her characters are earthy and damaged, but their consciences override their need for honesty in their passionate throes of lust and love." - Tome Tender Book Blog

  • "Fast paced and keeps you reading and needing to come back and find out what happens next. I love the way this ended, greatness!" - Cheree C.

  •  "This is truly about a relationship that should not be but you really do end up rooting for them as you can actually feel the chemistry and know it's more than lust from the start." - Karen

Give your 1-click finger a little workout for only $0.99!

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