Readers' Group Revival - Witter's Witty Women!


I'm not sure if you knew this, but I have a readers' group on Facebook. Yep, I kind of forgot that too for a while. :/

I've decided to revive it. It started with a change of name (thank you Lucii) and a new banner I made. Now I need to make sure it doesn't fall asleep once again. And it won't, I swear!

But to make it a fun group, we need more people to join us!

Why should you join when you're in so many FB groups already?

Well, to be honest right now I'm not sure if I can give you enough reasons to join, but I can tell you what I'd like to do in the coming months.

Exclusive cover reveals at least two days before the official date (and I have one coming soon-ish). ARCs for members who would like to read and review my new books.
Pics of hot guys. :P
If things pick up, author takeovers with more exciting giveaways.

I'm determined to make it a fun group all around so if you feel like joining and if you like my books, I'd be happy to welcome you. :)


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