It's so good to write these two words... THE END!

Do you see that pic above? Yes? 

I took it a little over an hour ago. Believe me, it's a rush when you write these two words at the end of your MS. Granted, it's just the first draft, but it feels like a huge thing right now. Of course, give me a couple of weeks and then it'll be another story. ;)

I know that reading the first draft and working on the second (edit, rewrite and add a couple of scenes) will have me in a very different mood and frame of mind, so right now I'm just smiling silly while staring at my laptop and the nice word count claiming that We Shouldn't And Yet... is at 81 739 words. 

On this day, We Shouldn't And Yet... has eighteen chapters and an epilogue. It's a standalone, a real one, has several very hot/steamy scenes (it's sexier than what I usually write) and I have a major crush on the male lead character. I know, I know it's the kind of thing you always read when authors talk about their characters, but still. I can't wait for you to meet him. I'm even willing to share him with you. ;)

By the way, I'm sure of the title now. It will be We Shouldn't And Yet... or WeSAY for short. Keep an eye open for this one. xx