Teaser Tuesday — SIX YEARS, by Stephanie Witter


I'm back with a new Teaser Tuesday. :D
This is from Six Years, a contemporary romance standalone novel currently with my amazing beta reader Wendy. 

This is a novel with a dual POV, can't exactly be filed under NA, but not as an adult novel either. I'd say it's right in between. It's not exactly light, but I think it's not as emotionally taxing as Patch Up or Fix Up. What else... The romance is probably different from what you'd expect. The MS is currently very long and I can't wait to share more things.  

I'd love to publish it in spring, but I'm not sure yet. Let's hope revising this book isn't going to be too difficult.  

In the meantime, you can already add it to Goodreads. 

  • Ready for the small teaser? Keep in mind it's not the final version.

But what I felt was another story. My heart seemed too big for my chest, my lungs on fire, but the worse was in my pants. I was still hard as fuck. I left Brooklyn’s bedroom half an hour ago and I was still hard. At this point, I couldn’t ignore the fact that it’s beyond simple morning wood and that’s why I couldn’t do a thing. Damn, if I jerked off…

I stopped right in the middle of the room, just in front of the bathroom door and I swore under my breath. I needed my dick to go back into submission and there’s only one thing left; a cold shower.