I'm a nervous wreck.

Hey there,

As the title says...I'm a nervous wreck.

Why do you ask? Well, the ARC of Six Years is now out there with the reviewers who signed up for it. To say that I'm nervous and ready to hide away is an understatement.

My heart has not stopped hammering in my chest.

We're getting very close to Six Years' release day (mark your calendar for June 9th) and I don't know how it's going to be received and it's the not knowing, the possibility of disappointing the people giving my book a chance that is driving me crazy.

I hate disappointing and I have yet to master that thing called "self-confidence". Believe me, I still wonder why I'm doing this on myself. ;)

Yet, if I know my characters, my words bring out some emotions, some feelings to a reader then it's all worth it.

In the meantime, I'm going back to formatting this beast (the ARC is pretty much awful looking compared to the version of the book I'll be publishing) and plotting for a new series of books coming out either late this year or early next year. Expect some rockstar romance books. (But I have to take lots of notes first). :D