Good Resolutions... Maybe.


It's 2014 and it's time to make a list of good resolutions. I won't respect half of them, I know it, but at least I'm making one. (And it gives me a reason to update my blog). ;)

1/ Update my blog more often. Not that I have much to say and not that I'm that interesting, but I have some things that should be great. Stay in tune!

2/ Write 3 novels this year. First drafts only. Don't push too much! 

3/ Don't spend so much time on twitter and facebook. I have to focus way more on my writing. Seriously.

4/ Lose some weight. Waaayy needed.

5/ Be better at keeping in touch. 

6/ Try to be more patient. Not my forte. This one is going to be difficult.

7/ Buy less books and read the ones I already have. It should keep me busy for the next few years! 

8/ Spare some money for a weekend trip to London. After all, it's close from France where I live. 

9/ Talk about my books to my family. As weird as it sounds, they don't know I write and that I'm published. And yet, I'm very close to most of them. 

10/ Be more outward. I'm too shy most of the time and it might be cute when you're a teenager, but at almost 25 it's just annoying. 

I think a list of 10 resolutions is enough. :)

What is on your list if you made one? Anything book related? 

And happy new year! I hope you will have a fabulous year. 

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