Welcome my new laptop and a giveaway!


For the last couple of months, I bitched because I didn't have a laptop and only wrote on my ipad. At first, it was great and I was happy with my little new toy, but soon it became obvious that it's not that easy to write several books that count over 80,000 words on it. You have no idea how annoying it was sometimes.

So, I decided to buy a new laptop! I received it a couple of days ago and I'm still learning how to use it and it's fun. (But it also means that I have yet to really write). I even gave it a name... Listen closely, I think it's going to blow your mind. Ready?

I named it Shiny!

Yep. I know it's ridiculous, but I don't even care right now. I'm just too happy and giddy. (See? Who said that it's difficult to make me happy.) :)

So, to celebrate my brand new and perfect laptop, I'll give away 2 ebooks of PATCH UP. I hope you'll be happy to celebrate with me and that you will share with your friends. And tell them to just scroll down right to the rafflecopter. They don't need to read my useless ramblings. ;)

Here it is. Good luck!

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