Am I A Freak?

Hi guys!

Today, I'm wondering something.

Am I a freak?

You must be wondering where this comes from but it's something I was wondering earlier today when I had to write a really difficult scene that takes place in a hospital and somehow, I began to cry in front of my computer's screen! Just like that.

At least, it means that I'm really involved in my story but seriously, isn't a little too much?

And now that I'm about to finish this chapter - the fourteenth - I'm all delighted by the drama that's quite more important than I previously planned. I'm all smile and I even laughed when I finished to write this difficult scene and read it to be sure it's working.

So, I'm a freak or we're all losing it when we write. Just kidding.

Fortunately, nobody witness my mood swings but it's even hard for me to follow sometimes, so imagine for somebody else.

In fact, I think I tend to open up for all kind of emotions and feelings when I write just to be able to put it in my writing for it to sound ''real'' or at the least for it to not suck too much.

On another note, I'm almost at 70k words! Right now I love all my characters, I'm proud of my writing day that's not too bad for once and I can't wait to finish this first draft. Then I'll be able to really tell you what it's all about and even post a couple of teasers for you to meet Alexane, Zack and Az for starter.

Today, I listened to Saving Abel to help me to focus on my writing and it helped. I'll post soon my playlist for Mixed Up Feelings.