Writing About Feelings

Hi guys!

Writing is difficult. I know, it's not the discovery of the century but it is a fact that I begin to understand more and more.

Writing about feelings is so difficult that I always doubt myself. You can show how your characters are suffering all you want but if your readers - yeah, in fact I think about potential readers in the future if I'm being lucky - don't feel or identify themselves to your characters, it means that your story is just a succession of words. That's the most difficult part for me.

While I find descriptions quite easy and fun to write, true feelings like angryness, sadness, hurt, happyness, excitement, lust or doubt are hard to show in words. It's like it's often too much or too little while in fact, I don't know yet if it's any good or not. Being the only judge is a nightmare sometimes.

But don't get me wrong, I love to write. Yesterday I was so lost in my chapter twelve that I didn't see the time flowing by. I wanted to feel what my main characters' doubts feel like. But was it a success?

I don't know because I never go back to read what I just wrote. I want to wait the finishing point of the first draft to go back and read all the novel and begin to see how awful it really is. It prevents me of any procrastination. I'm eager to read the novel in its complete form and it boosts me quite well.

And you, what is the most difficult thing for you when you write a novel or a short story? Tell me everything!

See you soon.