Looking for Beta Readers or Crit partners!


You know this moment when your novel is written, you did the first round of edits and then you look at all those pages and can't find what to do more by yourself?

It's what I feel right now. I'm French and even if I know my english is not that bad, I don't have the american slang that could make the difference. I need to improve my novel, my writing style and see if there are plot holes in my novel. But now, I can't do it all by myself.

So here I am, looking everywhere for beta readers and/or crit partners for Mixed Up Feelings.

If you have some experience in beta reading or as a crit partner it's even better but I'd be delighted to talk with you a little no matter what if you are interested to help me with my novel.

You can contact me by email stephanie.witter.author (at) gmail (dot) com