***Book Spotlight*** New Release - Electric Blue Butterflies, by Irma Geddon


He’s been in love with her since they were children. She thinks she’s getting married to a complete stranger.
When the wedding night ends in tragedy, the only thing two lovers need is to trust that LOVE KNOWS NO LIMIT—not even death.
Constance has always known her parents would choose a husband for her when she would be old enough to get married—this is part of a long tradition in her family, one she has decided not to fight despite her powerful need for freedom.
When she meets William, her future husband, just one day before the wedding, she falls for him on the spot. He is strikingly handsome, he’s a succesful business man, but most of all, he is completely under her spell and looks at her like she’s hung the moon.
William is killed in a horrible animal attack during the wedding party, before he can be alone and confide in Constance. Trying to cope with the sudden death of her husband, Constance will unearth all of William’s secrets. But, as it turns out, William isn’t gone for good.
Time is running out for William and Constance’s love story—will she find a way to get back the husband she didn’t know she wanted so much?





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I don't know what you think, but I love the cover. ;)