Getting ready to format my book months in advance...Why not?


You know, I have a few books already published, but none I actually self-published. As of right now, By My Side, Patch Up, Fix Up and 2B Or Not 2B? are all published by an indie-publisher. That means I didn't have to worry about formatting, about the cover (other than asking for a certain cover designer a.k.a Cover It Designs) and while it's been a real relief, I'm ready for another adventure and it's very frightening.

I'm going solo! Meaning, I'm actually going to self-publish at least two Adult Contemporary Romance books this year, both standalone novels.

Believe me, it's very frightening, but I'm also very lucky to have several writer friends in my corner. That's also why it took me so long before I finally decided to take that leap. I didn't know many people who could guide me, I also didn't know anything about the technicalities of self-publishing and as a real coward, I decided to wait and see. Now, I think I'm as ready as I'm ever going to be!

That's where things get funny...

I have the first book I'd like to self-publish with my beta reader. As of today, the prologue and the first chapter are beta read which means that there are lots of things to be done still. Other beta readers will tear my book apart before it's ready to the final editing stage. So, as you can see, it's far from being ready to be formatted.


The crazy that I am, meaning that I can't sit still for even a minute when my mind is set on something, I've already started getting things ready for me to format my book. Yes, I know, I'm months early.

I've read countless articles about formatting, took my time in thinking of what I'd like and earlier today, as soon as I reached my daily writing goal on another book, I started working on the chapter headers, etc. And I loved it! I even started playing around and formatted the prologue and first chapter to see if I'm actually ready or if I just think I am. I don't know why, but I had fun and it made me look forward to that moment when my manuscript is going to change into an actual book. :)

Do you want to see a preview of what the chapter headers are going to look like? It's nothing fancy. After all, it's my first time.

Let me know what you think and if you have suggestions, leave a comment!