Working on a standalone. Want to read a tiny snippet?


If you're following me, you know that I've been MIA for a few weeks. Unfortunately, day life can be a little demanding and on top of that I developed some kind of writer's block. I'm behind schedule and I have yet to even catch up on all my emails and messages on Facebook. That's how far behind I am. :/

But I'm slowly getting back to my stories and I'm glad to be working again. I seriously missed this. I have to thank several friends for that. Without them I wouldn't have the drive to go back to my writing and editing cave.

So, to apologize for the delay in everything related to my books and my answers if you're waiting for one, I'm going to give you a very short snippet of what I'm currently working on with my first beta reader.

FYI, it's a standalone contemporary romance. As of right now, it's the longest story I have, but I will probably delete some short scenes. If I do, I will post them on my blog and website as bonus. ;)

It's the story of two long lost friends. They used to be neighbors until the guy, freshly out of high school, left for college. The girl, younger than him, never heard of him for six years, until one day he's back in their small town. I'm not going to spoil anything else for now. You have to be patient.

And now for the snippet...

"You don't know me anymore. I'm not the twelve year old girl you left behind, things changed.’’ I tensed up some more, not ready to disclose anything further. We’re strangers now. He’d made sure of that.

He nodded, his eyes taking in my body for the first time. I shivered when I saw him grit his teeth. "I see that, Li…’’ he stopped mid sentence. “Brooklyn.”


As of now, the title is Six Years, but I'm not very fond of it so if inspiration strikes me I'm going to change it.

Keep an eye on the updates for another snippet soon. xx

PS: Change Up will be published soon, don't worry. It'll be out way before this story.